Entertain my pain.

Can I restart my 2020?

Its already not looking too good.

I know I know, I must start with a more positive outlook but I’m already making mistakes! You would think I would of learned by now.

NOPE! Not Robbi.

I need a break from myself.

Honestly, I revisit the things I do and laugh because, at least they make entertaining stories.

Speaking of an entertaining story, guess what I did to start off my new year?

I sent my EX money just to get her attention and I wasn’t even drunk.


Oh come on! You never seen that tweet that says “I’ll be accepting all apologies in the form of cash.” I thought I’d give it a go! Okay but all jokes aside, I had good intentions.

Find out more on today’s podcast!

I can’t believe I did this


Over and Out.

Love, Peace and Hair Grease.

Robbi Samón


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