A Day in My Life.

Happy Thursday!

I use the term happy loosely because, I can not seem to decode my mood into real words. Real words that make sense that is. Maybe awkward noises but definitely not words.

I’m currently at Red Robin. It’s happy hour and I’ve ordered a red wine. It’s just been one of those weeks honestly. I woke up later in the day today. I don’t understand why my body doesn’t want to cooperate because yesterday I got up earlier than my typical and stayed awake just so I could get to bed at a decent hour.

Well guess what didn’t happen.

I was so disappointed when I checked the time and noticed it was after 2 o’clock AM. Then, I had the audacity to keep scrolling through TikTok. I know. I know.

In my defense TikTok was putting me in such a good mood. I was up laughing my head off. People are so entertaining.

I hope eventually I can provide that for someone when they watch my YouTube videos or see me on television one day.

Anyway back to reality, I finally got out the house today. It only took me two weeks but, it finally happened. I went handled some personal business then went to my favorite smoothie bowl place @offthebeat. Now, I’m at the Red Robin in the mall-as I mentioned before. I ate here once before and it wasn’t my favorite. In fact I don’t think I liked anything but my drinks.

Nonetheless I am just here to enjoy a couple drinks, blog, plan with some alone time and get a few blogs done without disruption and unnecessary sibling ruckus.

I just stopped in to chat for a bit.

I hope everyone has a great day.


Over and Out

Love Peace and Hair Grease

Robbi Samón

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