I thought you’d always love me.
truth is you never did.
you’ve become so distracted by her like giving candy to a crying kid.

truth is I know you hate me,
I mean I would hate me too.
but, there’s a thin line between hate and love-who knew?

I can’t help but watch you daily,
as close I can I get.
I know you want me to leave you alone but you’re someone I won’t forget.

you taught me so many new things.
you even showed me how to love.
I’m torn between going back in time but these lessons fit me tighter than a glove.
I told you I’d always love you.
I hope you know I meant it.
I’ve never loved another like you that’s why I’ll never give up.

I pray for your happiness,
all I want is your success
but don’t you ever forget
me and all my mess.

my mess was apart of your path
And although I’m not there now,
I promise as soon as you let me,
I’ll love you like you deserve.

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