A Really Random blog post

Name: Robbi Samón

Birthday: September 10

Hometown: Havre De Grace

Intended Major: Business

Relationship Status: Single

Interests: Basketball; Art; Tiny Homes; RV Living; Sustainable Living; Blogging; Photography and Fashion.

Favorite Music: I enjoy all music except screamo and anything similar.

Favorite TV Shows: Grace and Frankie; Game of Thrones; Vampire Diaries; The Originals; Legacies; Bates Motel; Love and Hip Hop; Keeping up with the Kardashians; The Circle; and Anne with an E.

Favorite Movies: Liar Liar; Alice in Wonderland; Shrek; Ace Ventura; Love and Basketball; Jumper; Push; Hancock; In Time and The Wiz.

Favorite Comedians: Jim Carrey; Kevin Hart; Wayans Brothers ; Will Smith; Eddie Murphy; Tiffany Haddish; Melissa McCarthy; Amy Schumer; and Adam Sandler.

Favorite Books: James Bond Series; The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success; Good Vibes Good Life; Behind the Beautiful Forevers; and The Untethered Soul.

Favorite Quotations:

• “No one is you and that is your power”

• “You are the artist of your life. Don’t hand the paint brush to anyone else”

• “Each chapter of our lives requests an old part of us to fall so that-a new part can rise”

If you could wake up tomorrow morning and “be” anything, what would you be? A wealthy, well-known business owner who inspires people with comedy. (A women version of Kevin Hart)

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  1. Hi Robbi, nice to meet you 🙂 i went to check where is Havre de Grace because it sounds like french but i had the feeling (correct!) that you were american 🙂 greetings from Portugal! PedroL

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