Stop Daydreaming Robbi.

Today I saw and reposted a post from Khloe Kardashian that really inspired me. It wasn’t the picture, but the caption. The caption is exactly what I needed to hear. Nothing I haven’t heard before but it was a friendly reminder that not only can I achieve my goals but I’m not alone.

Lately, I’ve been the procrastination queen and I can’t stand it. It’s sending me in a downward spiral. Honestly, all I’ve been doing is my homework in little segments, social media, a little tv when my ADD doesn’t kick in, sleeping at the wrong hours and an extreme case of day dreaming.

The worst part is I day dream about my goals, the life I want to have and all these small steps I could take/should take to get there.

Tomorrow, I need to make a new bright and colorful list that I can’t keep my eyes off of that will help me build a better routine and stay on task. As for now I need sleep- I have class tomorrow.

Love Peace and Hair Grease

Over and Out

Robbi Samón

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