Another Sleepless Night.

I can’t tell you why but my past just won’t leave my head. I want to blame my medication and these weird dreams I keep having that I interpret as signs but reality is I’ve been giving the wrong things my attention.

Spending way too much time on social media not minding my own damn business. Where’s your self control this month Robbi? Geesh!

I’m making myself mad at this point. The thing is I’m not even bothered but what’s being posted, I’ve honestly been getting a good (not malicious) laugh lately. It’s just the fact as soon as I get bored on my own timeline I go straight to where I’m not supposed to be, then I’m in this never ending spiral of looking through all her pages. Today I’m pretty sure I shifted through every single social media , but like for what?

I have this strange thing going on where I either think everything is a sign trying to tell me something or has to do with me so that’s not good. It’s just so strange of the timing of certain things and the coincidences. Whatever though, it’s none of my business.

I deleted my twitter app off my phone so I spend less time on it but it is still on my iPad so I can maintain my feed and check notifications on occasion. C’mon guys, I want to be a social media influencer one day, I have to keep up at least the slightest bit.

Right now I just want to maintain focus on this blog , school and my podcast and achieving my 2020 goals! I’m excited because I’ve never been this passionate or strict with myself. I am confident good things are coming.

So lately I’ve been on the look out for new shows to watch but end up rewatching old shows, I’m just not interested in anything but YouTube and other peoples lives -like reality tv, and I don’t know what that’s about but it’s happening.

Speaking of YouTube I have a video coming out this week but by the time you read this it probably will have been out but just in case you haven’t seen it yet be sure to check it out!

I want to braindump so much more but I’m finally getting that tired lazy feeling because it’s a bout to be six o clock in the morning so I’m going to wrap this up. I love you guys and I love you times two of you’re apart of my little sunflower patch. Nonetheless, I got to go before I end up on tiktok then I’ll never sleep.


Now Streaming Everywhere!

Love peace and hair grease

Over and out

Robbi Samón

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