My first week back in college.


Lord knows when I’m actually going to post this but in real time it’s January 26 in this futuristic year of 2020 and about 3 in the morning, maybe a little after.

I woke up at three today, I feel like my wake times are just getting later in the day but I’m not complaining. It should go back to normal after I start this new medication my doctor prescribed me. This new medicine is supposed to make me super tired so that’s always fun. I figured if I set my medicines up correctly and take it right before bed I’ll be in perfect shape. I just worry it’ll make me groggy when I wake up which I’m not a fan of at all.

I started school this week. My first day wasn’t too bad just extremely boring. They’re really starting to take these school shootings more seriously which I’m grateful about but I wasn’t to pumped to hear the same speech and watch the same video twice. Don’t get me wrong I completely understand each classroom may have dissimilar exit routes etc but we literally listened to the EXACT same speech twice, with no real exit plan by the way. Definitely different route than grade school.

Anyway classes were decent, my psych class is extremely small while my English class was rather large. My teachers seem to be cool but I won’t speak to soon. They are definitely more laid back than they were in 2013.

I had my english teacher before (she teaches multiple classes including my younger sisters) and she seems different. Again, more laid back, I guess I would too if I had over 5 years under my belt. My psychology teacher seems super young and nervous but she was super welcoming and helpful.

So far I had a syllabus quiz (easy 20/20) and a introduction blackboard assignment. So those were easy A’s to start of the semester. Next, for psych she suggests we read the chapter ahead of time because she goes through the chapters pretty fast but that’s a given-well Ive always done that in school.

What I can say is that I dislike the fact that we’re notified that we have assignments due but there are no assignments posted and able to be completed early. Not a fan of that. Meanwhile, For English, everything is up and ready to go. From the lesson plans , the notes , the rubric for future essays, the PowerPoints if needed and extra tools to help us to succeed in the class.

Since I’m up to par in that class I’ve decided to start my second blackboard assignment on comparing and contrasting. I’m not going to submit it until we go over that lesson in specific though. So I’ll read a few examples and the rough draft. Hold my draft until the lesson, take some notes then revise and submit. I’m going to be honest I am not to excited to do neither the blackboard assignment or the essay only because I can’t truly pick my own topic. The essay will be more enjoyable since we have various options but the mini(blackboard) assignment is on the different types of people and I don’t even know where to begin. So if you guys have any ideas let me know because, I’m dreading this assignment.

Enough of the complaints, I am grateful to be back in school. I feel happier just being in the school environment. Something about being on campus and getting to know and meet new people just makes me excited.

I was going to write more but I have this strange addiction to tiktok so I’m going to get off of here. If you’re still here I love you , and thank you for listening to my ranting.

Have a good day!

Love peace and hair grease

Over and out

Robbi Samón

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