I’m not feeling periscope tonight, so I’ve decided to write.

Last nights dream was kind of a blur but I remember being with around my ex, her current and even my exes mother-who by the way hate my guts. Don’t ask me how, or why but these weird dreams have been a common thing lately. At first I dreaded sleeping. Now I just let my dreams do its thing and try my best not to decode it.


So in all honesty I don’t remember how it began. What’s new? I just remember talking to my ex, where she told me about her current and how she felt about her. Although I already knew these things I still grew a sad yet jealous feeling. Then after, I spoke to her current-apologizing about my past and relaying where I had got the false information from. Which took a huge brick of my chest because I seemed more relieved after that conversation.

Weirdly enough after the conversations with each I stuck around. I still had one more person to apologize to and for this apology.. I WAS NOT READY.

Her mom.

So while we waited I went to this local spot that I saw trending on the internet for a few drinks. A couple hours go by and I’m ready to go.

I go blank so I’m not sure how I reappeared back at her how’s but poof I’m there. I end up going for a drive with her mom. I want to say she was taking me back to my hotel but I’m not sure. What I am sure of is she clearly was going to hate me forever. It seemed like she wanted to get me alone to terrorize me. All I remember during the car ride is this evil grin looking back at me as we were talking where she told me she hated me, and that she was never a fan of me in the first place.

Idk but it was horrible. She made me feel so small and I hated it.

Then BOOM, I woke up.

What a awful way to end a dream.

I remember telling myself it’s just a dream. It’s just a dream. I couldn’t understand why this dream was so brutal after all my other dreams were nothing of the sort.

Oh well it’s just a dream right?

Anyway, I had a great weekend. I watched the TAKEN movie series with my dad and sister all day. Then, I went out to the bar with some friends, and even made new friends. We danced, we partied till the morning. I met this gorgeous women who I could not seem to keep my eyes off of. She danced with me pretty much the whole night, and once I broke the ice it was a wrap. We sat at the bar spoke about life. I got her socials and her number and offered to go see her. We’11 see where this goes.

RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE DAY: I still can’t piece together how someone can treat someone so badly and be forgiven just because they are family while a person that’s learning and growing to be a better person as a friend or significant other can be treated like absolute garbage. Why do people give up on them so much easier?

Okay, I might still get on periscope but I’m off here. I just want to stop by and say hello. Clear my head.

Love Peace & Hair Grease

Over and out.

Robbi Samon

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