Building Goals and Staying Productive.

Today’s podcast episode is about building your goals and really sticking to them.

I decided to record this episode because I noticed when I used to set my goals, I was going through the motions and not actively seeking to achieve my goals. I had no real intent in completing them, there was no “WHY” factor. I was just setting goals without any follow through.

Last season of unsolicited conversation I mentioned how I found out I was a perfectionist and how it played a really big part in why I procrastinate and never really got anything done.

I had so many ideas, so much time and even more excuses. After awhile I lost faith in myself, driving myself into a depression over and over again each year.

So I told myself not this year, I can feel it. 2020 is MY year. This year depression is not welcome. Been there, done that and I am completely over it.

Robbi Vs. Perfectionism

Robbi Vs. Procrastination.

Robbi Vs. Depression.

And I will WIN.

I’ve been working on different techniques and tools that help me attack my goals. Within the first month of January, I was able to complete two goals. Ever since then my momentum hasn’t stopped.

Before we get any further into the future, I have to take the time to acknowledge, and become accountable for my past and in doing this it will help me not to make the same mistake twice. Well hopefully. I’m pretty stubborn.

Although my past year has been a rocky year of trial and error, I did accomplish some key goals. Such as,

  • Getting my immediate family back on my fathers side.
  • I made new friends
  • Created boundaries for myself and stood affirmative behind them.
  • Let go of bad habits and the people that came with them.
  • Reading Daily
  • Get my AncestryDNA complete
  • Going back to school
  • Got a “regular” job
  • Voice my opinion, saying no more.
  • Stop avoiding and letting fear take control.

I try not to let the goals that I didn’t achieve discourage me. No matter what I am always proud of myself. I am at a better place than I was and I know that I can push myself to achieve better.

To be honest, the route I was headed I was in fear of what was going to happen to me. Now I am ready for this futuristic year of 2020. How about you?

Listen in on my unsolicited conversation where I chat about my goals and the techniques I use to stay on task while avoiding perfectionism and procrastination.

What platform to you use to listen to your podcasts?

  • Apple
  • Anchor
  • Spotify
  • And many more…

Enjoy, Robbi Samón.

Over and Out.

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